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Smudge sticks

We offer a variety of smudge sticks to fit your needs from personal cleansing to home protection. Don't see one you like, you can make your own with blends of different sages and herbs with the ability to add flowers and essential  oils to get that truly unique smudge stick.

Smudge spray

Our smokeless smudge spray is a great option to people that do not like to burn smudge sticks or are unable to burn one. 

Energy Cleansing Bath Bombs

We  have put our own touch and  uniqueness to bath bombs with our energy cleansing bombs. We are able to achieve this through using specific essential oils, blends, and ingredients. We currently offer four different bath bombs named after the major arcana that we fill best reflects their purpose. The Star (energy cleansing), The Magician (health), The Moon ( love), and The Chariot (wealth).

All of our bath bombs are handmade with natural ingredients and are free of any artificial chemicals and dyes. Our bath bombs are made with shea, mango, and cocoa butter to help moisturize and soothe your skin.


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