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Smudge Spray

Smudge Spray


Smudge Spray


Our smudge spray is a great option for people that love the energy cleansing effects of Sage but do not like the smell of burning Sage or unable to burn Sage. Use it anywhere you would burn a traditional smudge stick. Ideal for work spaces, dorms, hotels. and cars.


We are able to achieve this through a unique blend of essential oils consisting of Sage, Cedar and Orange. Sage is used to cleanse away negative energy. Cedar is a sacred wood that is used to create sacred spaces. Orange is used to promote openness love and stability. Each bottle comes with a quartz crystal inside that has been charged in the full moon. Our spray comes in an  4oz. plastic bottle that can easially  be reused or recycled.


Material: Distilled water, Orange, Cedar, and Sage essential oil


    To use gently shake bottle to mix the oils. Spray a few pumps in the area or on the object you wish to cleanse.



    Items typically ship out within 1-2 business  days from order being placed and payment received. A confirmation email will be sent once the order is shipped along with a tracking number. 

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