Energy Cleansing Kit

Energy Cleansing Kit


Included in this kit is a gorgeous large abalone shell measuring a minimum of 5" across. The inside of each shell is polished to beautifully display the colors typically found in abalone shells. The abalone shell is used to safely hold or burn your smudge sticks and incense.


Also included is a white sage smudge stick and 20 Bay Laurel leaves with hand written words of  intention.

Bay Laurel or Bay leaves have been used as far back as the Greeks for divination, purification, good luck, and healing.  Whenever your're feeling a need to cleanse just grab a bay leaf with the word thats reflecting that energy. Or you can choose a leaf at random and use the kit as an intuitive tool. The leaves are blessed and charged before they are shipped so that they arrive as energetically powerful as possible. 


To aid with your energy cleansing a gemstone or crystal will be intuitively chosen and included with your kit. For more information on smudging please follow the link or visit our FAQ page.

With or With out Wooden Stand

    Each kit includes a beautiful large abalone shell, a 4 inch white sage smudge stick, and 20 bay leaves with a handwritten message. There is an option to add a hand carved wooden stand.




    Items typically ship out within 1-2 business  days from order being placed and payment received. A confirmation email will be sent once the order is shipped along with a tracking number. 

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