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        Meditation is the act of going on a journey through your subconscious. When we meditate we are able to hear the instructions and messages that are quietly given to us. Finding the type of meditation that resonates with you is one part of the spiritual journey.


        At Filigree Memoria we believe that comfort plays a huge part in connecting to the energy around us. Our meditations take place in an atmosphere that is relaxed. We believe that you get the most out of the process when you are at ease.


        During a meditation session we will walk different paths in order to facilitate spiritual growth. We employ the use of smudging, salts and crystals in a way that adds to each individuals experience. We provide both group and private meditation sessions. Some examples of the types of meditations we offer are: energy balancing, spirit guide interaction, energy cleansing, and animal totem interaction. For our private sessions the meditations are specifically tailored to your needs. 

        To book your next private meditation or to join our monthly meditation classes  

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