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Filigree Memoria

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About Me

My name is Aubrey and I'm a lightworker, empath, medium, tarot reader, intuitive and mother. My days are filled with helping and teaching. What are all those crazy things I just listed?? Well let's dive into it.


I call myself a lightworker because I spend my time and energy doing my best to bring light to people's lives. Whether I am doing a reading for a client or listening to the concerns of those around me I am constantly striving to relieve pain and bring a sense of balance to those I encounter. In teaching others how to tap into the light and energy they carry, I believe I am fulfilling one of my soul purposes on this earth.


An empath is someone who feels the emotions of others as if they were their own. For as long as I can remember I've had to figure out if the emotions I was feeling were mine or someone else's. It took years of practice but I was finally able to filter through and understand how to protect myself from energy that would drain me. I constantly encounter people who have no idea why at the end of the day they feel emotionally drained even when nothing bad actually happened to them. I am thankful that I learned to shield myself and truly enjoy being able to teach others how to protect themselves as well.


A medium is someone who can communicate with souls that no longer have a physical form. Let me tell you, being able to feel and see things that aren't there physically is a little weird. I'm always the first to tell people that it's bizarre and that sometimes I feel crazy when I talk to people I can't see. After years of experiences though I have learned to trust in the things that make no sense to me and deliver the messages that inevitably make sense to someone else. It's an honor to be able to be the bridge between those that have passed and those who remain behind.

 I received my first deck of tarot cards at the age of 12. As I come from a very psychically open family, I suppose that shouldn't be a big surprise but for most people it is. My aunt gifted me with my first deck and I still use it to this day. Tarot is a tool to help people gain clarity and insight and for me my cards have always been a source of comfort and confidence. 

Intuitives are people who give readings based on what they feel to be true, even without conscious reasoning. It's trusting your intuition completely and being comfortable delivering messages that you can't trace back to anything in particular. For me this is my hardest won gift. I've always done things based on gut feelings and intuition in my personal life but sharing messages that were received in this manner was terrifying. It took a lot of courage and time for me to finally share this part of myself but the reward has been immense. 

And finally but most importantly I am a mother. Part of knowing who you are is knowing when pieces of yourself fall into place. For me having first my son and then my daughter were milestones that reverberated in my soul like the ringing of bells. I was absolutely born to be their mother and their journeys will teach me more than I have ever dreamed of I am sure. My husband and I cannot wait to see what gifts they will bring to our family. Teaching them all we can and learning from them in return will undoubtedly be the greatest journey of our lives.

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