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     As a child Aubrey was always sensitive to the energy around her. After having many spiritual encounters her gifts started to appear and grow. When she was 13 years old Aubrey was gifted her first deck of tarot cards. Being very drawn to the cards, Aubrey worked with them daily and quickly learned that she was able to provide accurate readings.


      After many years of doing readings part time the universe aligned the stars to provide the perfect timing for her to expand her passion into a full time business. With the help of her loving husband Brandon, Aubrey is proud to bring Filligree Memoria to life.


       The proud(and tired) parents to two young children, Aubrey and Brandon aim to provide guidance and comfort to their clients through readings and custom made products. Both Aubrey and Brandon have been in the customer service industry all throughout their professional careers and bring over 20 years experience to Filligree Memoria.   We look forward to helping you with all of your psychic and energy needs.

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Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 8pm.

Sundays by appointment only.

Please visit our services page on inquiries for parties and events.

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Using an intuitively chosen smudge stick I will cleanse both you and your home of negative or unwanted energy. The session starts with an introduction into smudging. Once...
Smudging- Personal and Home
30 min
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